Constructor: replyKeyboardForceReply

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Force the user to send a reply


Name Type Required Description
single_use Bool Optional Requests clients to hide the keyboard as soon as it’s been used. The keyboard will still be available, but clients will automatically display the usual letter-keyboard in the chat – the user can press a special button in the input field to see the custom keyboard again.
selective Bool Optional Use this parameter if you want to show the keyboard to specific users only. Targets: 1) users that are @mentioned in the text of the Message object; 2) if the bot’s message is a reply (has reply_to_message_id), sender of the original message.
Example: A user requests to change the bot‘s language, bot replies to the request with a keyboard to select the new language. Other users in the group don’t see the keyboard.

Type: ReplyMarkup


$replyKeyboardForceReply = ['_' => 'replyKeyboardForceReply', 'single_use' => Bool, 'selective' => Bool];

Or, if you’re into Lua:

replyKeyboardForceReply={_='replyKeyboardForceReply', single_use=Bool, selective=Bool}

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