Constructor: codeSettings

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Settings used by telegram servers for sending the confirm code.

Example implementations: telegram for android, tdlib.


Name Type Required Description
allow_flashcall Bool Optional Whether to allow phone verification via phone calls.
current_number Bool Optional Pass true if the phone number is used on the current device. Ignored if allow_flashcall is not set.
allow_app_hash Bool Optional If a token that will be included in eventually sent SMSs is required: required in newer versions of android, to use the android SMS receiver APIs

Type: CodeSettings


$codeSettings = ['_' => 'codeSettings', 'allow_flashcall' => Bool, 'current_number' => Bool, 'allow_app_hash' => Bool];

Or, if you’re into Lua:

codeSettings={_='codeSettings', allow_flashcall=Bool, current_number=Bool, allow_app_hash=Bool}

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