# Lua binding

The lua binding makes use of the Lua php extension.


When istantiating the \danog\MadelineProto\Lua class, the first parameter provided to the constructor must be the path to the lua script, and the second parameter a logged in instance of MadelineProto.

The class is basically a wrapper for the lua environment, so by setting an attribute you’re setting a variable in the Lua environment, by reading an attribute you’re reading a variable from the lua environment, and by calling a function you’re actually calling a Lua function you declared in the script.

By assigning a callable to an attribute, you’re actually assigning a new function in the lua environment that once called, will call the php callable.

Passing lua callables to a parameter of a PHP callable will throw an exception due to a bug in the PHP lua extension that I gotta fix (so passing the usual cb and cb_extra parameters to the td-cli wrappers isn’t yet possible).

All MadelineProto wrapper methods (for example upload, download, upload_encrypted, getSelf, and others) are imported in the Lua environment, as well as all MTProto wrappers (see the API docs for more info).

td-cli wrappers are also present: you can use the tdcli_function in lua and pass mtproto updates to the tdcli_update_callback via PHP, they will be automatically converted to/from td objects. Please note that the object conversion is not complete, feel free to contribute to the conversion module in src/danog/MadelineProto/Conversion/TD.php.

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